ICTCS Program 2017


Day 1: Wednesday 11 October, 2017 – Venue: Landmark Hotel
08:45 – 09:30 Registration 
09:30 – 09:50 Conference Opening
- National Anthem
- Quran Recitation
Welcome address
Prof. Arafat Awajan, Conference Chair
09:50 – 10:10 Welcome Address
HRH Princess Sumaya Bint El Hassan
10:10 – 10:40 Keynote Speech: Intelligent Vehicles and Transportation Systems. (Room Rum 2)
Prof. Yi Murphey, University of Michigan-Dearborn, USA
10:40 – 11:00

Coffee Break

11:00 – 11:30 Keynote Speech: Towards a computer-automated translation (CAT) system capable of ensuring high-quality communication between the hundreds of “languages of the Web”. (Room Rum 2)
Prof. Christian Boitet, Université Grenoble Alpes, France
11:30 – 12:00 Keynote Speech: Edge Clouds: Architectures and Deployment Models. (Room Rum 2)
Prof. Omer Rana, Cardiff University, UK
12:00 – 13:30 Session 1: Artificial Intelligence I 
(Room Rum 1)
Session 2: Computer and Network Security I 
(Room Petra)
13:30 – 14:30 Lunch
14:30 – 16:00 Session 3: Natural Language Processing I 
(Room Rum 1)
Session 4: Computer and Network Security II 
(Room Petra)
16:00 End of Day 1
Leave to Amman Citadel and Amman Old Town


Day 2: Thursday 12 October, 2017 – Venue: Landmark Hotel
08:30 Arrival of participants 
09:00 – 09:45 Keynote Speech: The Future of Security and Forensic Computing in the new Education 2.0 era and Emphasis in Globalisation (Room Rum 2)
Prof. Giorgio Giacinto, University of Cagliari, Italy
Prof. George Dafoulas, Middlesex University, UK
9:45– 11:30 Session 5: Artificial Intelligence II 
(Room Rum 1)
Session 6: Data Science and Big Data 
(Room Rum 2)
11:30 – 12:00 Coffee Break
12:00 – 12:30 Keynote Speech: The Theory and Applications of the Stochastic Point Location Problem. (Room Rum 2)
Prof. John Oommen, Carleton University, Canada
12:30 – 13:00 Keynote Speech: Fuzzy Cognitive Maps. (Room Rum 2)
Prof. Vanhoof Koen, Universiteit Hasselt, Belgium
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 15:30 Session 7: Natural Language Processing II 
(Room Rum 1)

Session 8: Image Processing and Computer Graphics
(Room Rum 2)



Visit to Dead Sea

Gala Dinner


Day 3: Friday 13 October, 2017 – Venue: Landmark Hotel
14:00 Arrival of participants 
14:00 – 14:30 Keynote Speech: Building Trust in Cloud Computing
Prof. Adnan Shaout, University of Michigan – Dearborn, US
14:30 – 16:00 Session 9: Computer and Network Security III 
(Room Rum 1)
Session 10: Software Engineering 
(Room Rum 2)
16:00 – 16:30 Coffee Break
16:30 – 17:00 Keynote Speech: Towards Multi-Core Processing in Automotive Power Train Control 
Prof. Osamah Rawashdeh, Oakland University, US
17:00 – 17:15 Industrial Pesentation: Mawdo3
17:15 – 18:30 Session 11: Online Session
(Room Rum 1)

Session 12: Internet of Things
(Room Rum 2)

18:30 – 19:00 Closing Session
Prof. Arafat Awajan, Conference Chair
19:00 – 20:00 Dinner


Session 1: Artificial Intelligence I (Room Rum 1)
Chairs: Prof. Saeed Al Ghoul and Dr. Ebaa Fayyoumi
Session 2: Computer and Network Security I (Room Rum 2)
Chairs: Prof. Nadeem Obaid and Dr. Raad Al Qasas
Two Stage Intelligent Automotive System to Detect and Classify a Traffic Light
Nevrus Kaja, Adnan Shaout, Omid Dehzangi
State of the Art in Computer Forensic Education-A Review of Computer Forensic Programmes in the UK, Europe and US 
Georgios A. Dafoulas, David Neilson, and Sukhvinder Hara
CNN-Based Prediction of Frame-Level Shot Importance for Video Summarization
Mo. Al Nahian,A. S. M. Iftekhar,M. Tariqul Islam,S. M. Mahbubur Rahman,D. Hatzinakos
An Efficient E-Coin Scheme Under Elliptic Curve Cryptography 
Sattar Aboud, Mustafa Al-Fayoumi, Mohammad Al-Fayoumi, and Jaafer Al Saraireh
Motor Imagery EEG Signal Processing and Classification Using Machine Learning Approach
Sreeja. S. R, Joytirmoy Rabha, K. Y. Nagarjuna, Debasis Samanta, Pabitra Mitra, Monalisa Sarma
Smart Parser for Identifying and Detecting Insecure Functions 
Esraa Al-Shammari, Ali Hadi, and Malik Qasaimeh
A Novel Cloud Services Recommendation System Based on Automatic Learning Techniques
Rahma Djiroun, Meriem Amel Guessoum, Kamel Boukhalfa, Elhadj Benkhelifa
Toward a Detection Framework for Android Botnet 
Wadi' Hijawi, Ja'far Alqatawna, and Hossam Faris
Binary Dragonfly Algorithm for Feature Selection
Majdi Mafarja, Derar Eleyan, Iyad Jaber, Abdelaziz Hammouri, Seyedali Mirjalili
Experimental Evaluation of a Multi-Layer Feed-Forward Artificial Neural Network Classifier for Network Intrusion Detection System 
Malek Al-Zewairi, Sufyan Almajali, and Arafat Awajan


Session 3: Natural Language Processing I (Room Rum 1)
Chairs: Prof. Bassam Hammo and Dr. Sara Tedmouri
Session 4: Computer and Network Security II (Room Rum 2)
Chairs: Prof. Diab Taha and Dr. Ali Hadi
Using Hybrid-Stemming Approach to Enhance Lexicon-Based Sentiment Analysis in Arabic 
Hunaida Awwad and Adil Alpkocak
Differentially Private Variance Reduced Stochastic Gradient Descent 
Jaewoo Lee
Detecting Quotable Sentences from Text Using Syntactic Token Augmentation and Recurrent Neural Networks 
Sumit Terkhedkar and Janak Porwal
An Efficient Two-Server Authentication and Key Exchange Protocol
Durbadal Chattaraj, Monalisa Sarma, and Debasis Samanta
Building Arabic Polarizerd Lexicon from Rated Online Customer Reviews 
Mohammad Daoud
Visualizing Clustered Botnet Traffic Using t-SNE on Aggregated NetFlows 
Muayyad Saleh Alsadi and Ali Hussein Hadi
Deep Learning Based Technique for Plagiarism Detection in Arabic Texts
Dima Suleiman, Arafat Awajan, and Nailah Al-Madi
Phishing Websites Prediction Using Classification Techniques 
Dyana Rashid Ibrahim and Ali Hussein Hadi
Arabic Cultural Style Based Music Classification
Lama Soboh, Islam Elkabani, Ziad Othman
Victim blaming in abuses on the Internet
Istvan Laszlo GAL, Zoltan NAGY


Session 5: Artificial Intelligence II (Room Rum 1)
Chairs: Prof. Yi Murphey and Dr. Edward Jaser
Session 6: Data Science and Big Data (Room Rum 2)
Chair: Prof. Omer Rana and Dr. Akram Al-Kouz
Evaluating the Performance of “Derandomized-LShade” Algorithm on CEC 2014 Benchmark Functions. 
Raghda Hraiz, Mariam Khader , Mostafa Z. Ali , Amjad Hudaib
A New Technique for File Carving on Hadoop Ecosystem 
Esraa Alshammari, Ghazi Al-Naymat, and Ali Hadi
Link Prediction Based on Whale Optimization Algorithm
Reham Barham, Ibrahim Aljarah
Dynamic Evolution of Hashtags on Twitter: A Case Study from Career Opportunities Groups 
Layal Abu Daher, Rached Zantout, and Islam Elkabani
Reconfigurable Implementation of Fuzzy Inference System Using FPGA
Mehdi Mohammadi, Adnan Shaout
Development of Customs Prediction Model for Online Ordering 
Lina I. Sharawi, George Sammour, Hamzah Qabbaah, and Koen Vanhoof
Statistical Selection of CNN-based Audiovisual Features for Instantaneous Estimation of Human Emotional States
Ramesh Basnet, M. Tariqul Islam, Tamanna Howlader, S. M. Mahbubur Rahman, D. Hatzinakos
Cache Optimization in IPTV Network Using Big Data Analytics and Mobile Agent Technology 
Hasan Al-Sakran
Comparison of Crossover Types to Build Improved Queries Using Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Khaled Almakadmeh, Wafa' Alma'aitah
LSHADE Enhancement Using MTS-LS1 
Marwah Alian, Dima Suleiman, and Mostafa Z. Ali
On Utilizing the Pursuit Paradigm to Enhance the Deadlock-Preventing Object Migration Automaton 
Abdolreza Shirvani and B. John Oommen
Optimized ANN-ABC for Thunderstorms Prediction
Mais Ziad Younes Yasen, Ruba Amjad Salameh Al-Jundi, and Nailah Shukri Aziz Al-Madi


Session 7: Natural Language Processing II (Room Rum 1)
Chairs: Prof. Christian Boitet and Dr. Naila Madi
Session 8: Image Processing and Computer Graphics (Room Rum 2)
Chairs: Dr. Mostafa Ali and Feras Ghanim
Arabic LFG-inspired Dependency Treebank 
Dana Halabi, Arafat Awajan, and Ebaa Fayyoumi
Toward a Model for E-Learning Recommender System Adoption: A Pilot Study 
Hadeel Alharbi and Kamaljeet Sandhu
Building Domain Ontology: Experiences in Developing the Prophetic Ontology Form Quran and Hadith
Hanan A. Al-Sanasleh and Bassam H. Hammo
Fast Block Matching Criterion for Real-Time Video Communication 
Nijad A-Najdawi
Arabic Word Sense Disambiguation - Survey 
Marwah Alian, Arafat Awajan, and Akram Al-Kouz
Web-Based Augmented Reality with Natural Feature Tracking and Advanced Rendering 
Mohammed A. Al-Zoube
The Effects of Features Selection Methods on Spam Review Detection Performance 
Wael Etaiwi and Arafat Awajan
Context Aware VR Using BLE Beacons 
Ahmad Jarrar and Edward Jaser
Arabic Sentiment Classification: A Hybrid Approach 
Mariam Biltawi, Ghazi Al-Naymat, and Sara Tedmori
Using Tree-Structured Wavelet Transform to Classify and Retrieve Texture Images
Hebatallah Khattab


Session 9: Computer and Network Security III (Room Rum 1)
Chairs: Prof. Giorgio Giacinto and Dr. Malik Qasaimeh
Session 10: Software Engineering (Room Rum 2)
Chair: Prof. Osamah Rawashdeh and Dr. Abdulla Qusef
Threat Hunting Using GRR Rapid Response 
Hussein Rasheed, Ali Hadi, and Mariam Khader
Software Defect Prediction Using Feature Selection and Random Forest Algorithm 
Dyana Rashid Ibrahim, Rawan Ghnemat, and Amjad Hudaib
A Proposed Password-Free Authentication Scheme Based on a Hybrid Vein-Keystroke Approach 
Maria Habib and Ja'far Alqatawna
Screen Size Effect on Usability of Arabic Forms for Smartphones 
Rihabb Alsalamen and Ghassan Shahin
Novel Algorithm in Symmetric Encryption (NASE): Based on Feistel Cipher 
Safiah I. Bani Baker and Alaa Hussein Al-Hamami
Requirements Prioritization Techniques Review and Analysis
Raneem Qaddoura, Alaa Abu-Srhan, Mais Haj Qasem, and Amjad Hudaib 
Passive DNS Analysis Using Bro-IDS 
Abdulla Dakhgan, Ali Hadi, Jaafer Al Saraireh, and Doaa Alrababah
A Survey of IT Outsourcing in Jordanian Market 
Abdallah Qusef and Nisreen Raeq
Securing Distributed SDN Controllers against DoS Attacks 
Wael Etaiwi, Mariam Biltawi, and Sufyan Almajali 
A Proposed Password-Free Authentication Scheme Based on a Hybrid Vein-Keystroke Approach 
Maria Habib and Ja'far Alqatawna


Session 11: Online Session (Room Rum 1)
Chairs: Dr. Saqer Abdel Rahim and Dr. Anas Abu Taleb
Session 12: Internet of Things (Room Rum 2)
Chairs: Prof. Adnan Shaout and Dr. Ghazi Al-Naymat
Innovation in Education via Problem Based Learning from Complexity to Simplicity 
Mohammed Saleh, Nedaa Al Barghuthi, and Sonia Baker
A Survey: Authentication Protocols for Wireless Sensor Network in the Internet of Things; Keys and Attacks 
Doaa Alrababah, Esraa Al-Shammari, and Areej Alsuht
A Framework for Real Time News Recommendations 
Jalal Omer Atoum and Ibrahim Mohamed Yakti
Smart Water Distribution Management System Architecture Based on Internet of Things and Cloud Computing
Sawsan Khaleel Alshattnawi
  A Cost Effective Information Display System Based on Open Source Technologies 
Feras Al-Hawari, Hadi Etaiwi, and Sahel Alouneh
  Using Fuzzy Method for Decision Making in Local Government 
Bashar H. Hewaidi